194,000 AUM

800 members

34 years

The Western Investment Club (WIC) is Western University’s largest club on campus, with membership currently over 800 students. The club was first established back in 1983 by a small group of young investors and has since grown to have an alumni presence all around the globe. The club’s primary mandate is to educate all students at Western on the skills needed to become a value investor. WIC achieves this by giving weekly educational presentations, reports on industry news and by managing a portfolio of equities with real capital. WIC manages a $194,000 diversified fund of U.S and Canadian equities and applies a value investing philosophy. The portfolio is segmented into six different industry sectors led by a team of analysts. All buy and sell pitches for the fund are put forward at general meetings by the analyst team with the support of researchers and general members.


Students from all faculties are encouraged to join as general members, regardless of skill level. General meetings and all researcher meetings take place on a weekly basis. Membership to the Western Investment Club gives you access to the following:

  • Weekly general meetings, where all educationals, news events, and pitches are presented
  • Superday workshops, where the most important valuation and finance skills are concisely taught
  • Social and networking events, where you can meet with internal members and WIC alumni
  • Researcher eligibility, which allows you to follow an industry and assist with presentations
  • A network of thousands of Ivey and Western alumni
  • Exclusive job postings into the finance world
  • A growing community of like-minded and ambitious individuals